Garbage chute cleaning for all multi-level residential, commercial, or institutional buildings

Garbage chute cleaning for all multi-level residential, commercial, or institutional buildings

Scary Rubbish Rooms No More!

When your tenants dispose of their trash in the garbage chute, bags can rip, and waste can be left behind, trapped in places where it is difficult to reach. This can cause dreadful odors to appear and linger, sometimes permeating an entire floor with its stench. Updrafts can occur that not only carry these odors to other areas of the building but can also cause bacteria to become airborne. Once they enter public airspace, these bacteria have the potential to linger, making the areas around the chute openings very unpleasant and, quite possibly, unhealthy.

Garbage chute cleaning in Denver, CO

Much more severe than simply a bad smell, these bacteria can cause problems for people who suffer from respiratory diseases like asthma, or for those with compromised immune systems.

Bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms can grow inside your garbage chute, causing bad odors and potentially posing a risk to residents from infestations of pests like cockroaches, maggots, flies, and rodents.

Even more concerning, grease buildup inside the chute can pose a major fire hazard. We worked on a 24-story apartment building in Denver that recently caught fire because of a cigar being thrown down the garbage chute. Had they protected themselves with regular compactor room and chute cleaning, they may have avoided this costly accident, mitigated the risk to their tenants and not had to deal with the fallout.

Our garbage chute cleaning services keep your chute free from build-up and discourage insects and rodents from taking up residence.

Some of the other benefits of garbage chute cleaning include:

  • Your chute, bin, and compactor will last longer
  • Odors are greatly reduced
  • Reduced risk of insect and rodent infestation
  • Reduce health risks for tenants
  • Keeps your chute clean and clear

State-of-the-art garbage chute cleaning

We use the latest technology and cleaning solutions to ensure your garbage chute is clean and free of debris.

Our cleaning solutions and foaming agents dissolve and remove any build-up that will impede the flow of trash, ensuring a fast and expedient process. The foam is dense and motile, meaning that it will cascade down the chute and consume all dirt, grease, and grime on the way down.

All of the cleaners we use are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Once the cleaning solutions have done their work, our chute cleaning machines power-wash the interiors from top to bottom. Complete door, wall, flap and fuse able link inspections will be completed to ensure you are not surprised when the Fire Marshall shows up for the annual inspection.

To learn more about our garbage chute cleaning process, reach out today or request a quote to get started.

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